BLUE-tec will be on tv in the program 'Doe maar Duurzaam'.  Watch us on Sunday August 20th at 17.00 PM. 

On Sunday August 20th at 17:30 u CET on the Dutch television station RTLZ in the program ‘Doe Maar Duurzaam’ BLUE-tec presents the latest developments on membrane technology.

BLUE-tec explains that membrane technology can play a crucial role in the energy efficient recovery of valuable raw materials. How this works and how this contributes to sustainable development towards a circular economy will be presented in this episode of “Doe Maar Muurzaam”. Examples are shown at waterboard Limburg where a new way of sustainable wastewater treatment is demonstrated and at the waste processing company Attero, where an energy efficient way of landfill leachate concentration is investigated.

- Monday 21 August at 7.30 AM
- Wednesday 23 August at 10.30
- Friday 25 August at 13.05
- Saturday, August 26 at 4.30 pm

watch video here: